About me

  • I’m a Research Engineer at Honda Research Institute, USA, working on interpretable and explainable models for autonomous driving applications. I’m interested in designing human-interpretable, robust, interaction-aware intelligent agents, by leveraging domain knowledge and rules.
  • I graduated with a Master of Science in Robotics from Oregon State University in 2020, where I was advised by Prof. Kagan Tumer and collaborated with Intel AI Lab for my master’s thesis. My thesis focusses on leveraging domain knowledge to address credit assignment problem in multiagent coordination tasks, via Dynamic Skill selection using Deep reinforcement learning and Evolutionary methods. Here is my master’s thesis. pdf.
  • Before that, I obtained a Master of Science in Electronics and Computer Engineering, majoring in Robotics from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. I had been advised by Prof. Madhava Krishna and Dr. Abhishek Sarkar. I designed and developed a novel Compliant omnicrawler-wheel transforming module for modular robots, which can be integrated with various categories of robots, such as an in-pipe climbing robot, Quadruped, snake robot, robotic manipulator, and legged robots pdf.
  • Prior to that, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from YMCA University of Science and Technology.
  • My research interests span Explainable AI, Multiagent Systems, and Robotics. I’m very open to research discussions and collaborations. Please feel free to get in touch! Email: enna_sachdeva@honda-ri.com; ennasachdeva@gmail.com


Conference Reviewer


Research Interests

  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Relational Reasoning
  • Explainable AI
  • Multiagent Systems
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Reinforcement learning
  • Motion Planning
  • Multirobot Coordination
  • Robot Decision Making